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Name: Jane
Video: WATCH
Students: 518
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Hello, I'm Jane, the head teacher of Beyond mandarin. If you have any questions about Chinese language or Chinese culture, you are welcome to talk with me. I'll be honoured to help you!

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Survival Chinese
-- for beginners and newcomers

Daily used topics
never feel frustrated in taxi and restaurants !
Culture shock removed
help lessen friction while getting along in China.
Field trips 
Learn it! Say it!
Communicative Chinese
-- from totally beginner to experts!

Communicative ability training
more focused other than on-book Chinese.
Speaking, listening, reading, writing
language skills fully developed.
10 levels
related with HSK requirement.
Business Chinese
-- Make your working in China easier!

Language focus in business occasions more than grammar.
Taught through  role-play, problem-solving activities, consensus- forming.
Introduce related  Chinese culture and policies.
HSK Preparation
-- Pass HSK! For a better furture!

Great improvement
through intensive course.
Specialist teacher
with deep research of HSK.
Instant infomation inquiry
about the test.